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MUKUTA 10 Plus Electric Scooter 60V20.8AH

Dual 2*1400W brushless motor enables the electric scooter to reach a maximum speed of 46mph, and single/dual drive can be switched freely. Equipped with a 60V20.8AH/25.6AH Samsung high-capacity lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 62/74 miles of long-distance mileage, 2 charging ports save half the charging time. The mighty power brought by the 32A controller can easily climb slopes up to 30 degrees.

When the controller BMS detects that the controller temperature is overloaded, it will start self-protection. Through the large 4.5-inch LCD display, you can observe important information such as the scooter’s speed, battery power, and mileage at any time, there are many adjustable custom data to meet your riding preferences. Use the NFC key card to start, to ensure that the scooter is only yours.

High-quality anti-skid deck rubber mat, combined with dual hydraulic disc brakes makes the brakes safer and more effective, with short braking distance and quick response. Front headlights and rear taillights, left and right turn signals and deck lights are more conducive to night riding. The handlebars are equipped with 110-decibel electronic horns. The upgraded quadruple springs and high-performance front and rear independent suspensions can more effectively avoid bumps, even in rough conditions. It provides a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough terrain, ensuring your driving safety.

The support pole for the handlebars is designed to mimic a planes tail wing and acts as a vertical stabilizer at high speeds. This sleek aerodynamic design will not only force the scooter in a vertical position but will also increase the scooters top speed when driving against the wind.And the modern design includes etchings in both the front and rear arms that support the motors to increase the wow factor and are a terrific final touch to this work of art.

MUKUTA adult electric scooters can be used for off-road and urban transportation. The scooter adopts a foldable design and can be placed in the trunk of most cars. It is equipped with 10-inch off-road tires to provide excellent grip, wear-resistant and durable, and the seat can be added and removed. It is a good choice for short-distance commuting, weekend outings, or going out. Maximum load 330 lbs.

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1400Wx2 Brushless Motors

2800W Rated Power

Dual brushless 1400W motors that offer a top speed of 46mph.

32A Sine Wave Controllers

Strong power support climb up to 30 degrees slopes tackle all terrains easily.

Single/Dual Motor

Save battery power by shifting to the eco single motor drive mode or enjoy maximum potential using the high-performance dual motor ride mode to conquer the elements.

60V 20.8AH Battery

16 x 8 lithium-ion

MUKUTA with 128 units high energy density 18650 lithium-ion battery. it’s able to reach up to 62/74 miles long-distance riding.

2 Charging Ports

Reduce charging time by half with 2 chargers.

Intelligent Temperature Control

A smart battery management system indicates the health of a battery and protects the battery while in operation.

Quadruple Spring

Quadruple Spring

4 Springs absorption makes your riding safer and more comfortable.

Independent Suspension

The front and rear independent suspension can absorb the bumps greatly and keep the gravity stable.

Max Load

The high-quality suspension system gives the scooter the maximum load of 330lbs.

Dual Hydraulic Brake

Dual Hydraulic Brake

Hydraulic disc brakes provide the most powerful stopping ability, making them the best for safety.

145 MM Brake Disc

The 145mm disc brake make for ultra short braking distance with very little effort , it is easier to replace and more effective than drum brakes.

Longer Lifespan

Disc brakes dissipate heat thoroughly, the sealed system works well in any riding conditions.

Light The Way

2 LED Front Lights

The lights will illuminate both sides of the road for 200+ feet.


Remind others, making you more visible to ride at night.

Front And Rear Turn Signals

Front and rear turn signals.

Quick Folding Stem

New highly secured quick locked foldable stem, say goodbye to wobbly handlebars.

Folding Handle

Portable and powerful, with a compact folded footprint of 48” long by 9.3” wide by 22.4” tall.

Controller BMS

The Controllers feature overload protection. should the controller temperature exceed the safety threshold, the management system will enter Auto protection.

4.5-inch LCD display

Customize your ride preferences with intuitive and informative LCD display. keep your ride secure with the NFC key card lock.

High dB Horn

MUKUTA is equipped with 110 dB electronic speakers, the sound is louder.

Anti-Skid Deck

Deck rubber mat, non-slip, easy to clean, long service life.

Front & Rear Fenders

The angle can be adjusted freely to prevent mud splashing to the rider.

Removable Motor

Both motors have an exterior plug can be easily removed and are plug and play.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

Aviation-Grade 6061/6082 aluminum alloy frame is forged in one piece. New colors and stylish geometric designs to compliment the powerful performance.

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